Different Golf Tournament Gifts

Golf tournament gifts vary depending on the type of tournament and the level of corporate sponsorship. There are several types of golf tournaments—charity events, corporate events, league tournaments, and pro tournaments.

Charity Tournaments: The Gift is in the Giving
Golf tournament gifts you’ll receive for participating in a charity tournament tend to be on the cheap side. Usually a tee-shirt or a hat printed with the tournament name and date are handed out. Sponsors usually give out their own products or items printed with their company’s logo. You need to make a donation to participate in a charity event. Usually the donation is the same as the entrance fee, but this can vary. The course often donates tee time fees to the event—and, after expenses are taken out, the charity receives the money. Since the event is all about charity, the golf tournament gifts aren’t anything too extravagant. The real gift is giving to a good cause.

Corporate Tournaments: It’s All in the Sponsorship
Golf tournament gifts from corporate events can range greatly in quality and cost—it all depends on the size of the corporation sponsoring the event. With a small business, you can expect to receive shirts and hats, or simply golf tees and golf balls. The winner generally receives a trophy of varying quality and expense.
Golf tournament gifts and prizes can be rather extravagant and expensive if the sponsoring corporation is large and well-known.

League Tournaments: From Tee-Shirts to Gag Gifts
Golf tournament gifts from league tournaments all depend on the amount of participants that sign up. League tournaments are generally open to nearly everyone as long as they pay the entrance fee, their green fees, and, in some cases, a cost for everyone on their team. The more people that sign up the more money there is to purchase golf tournament gifts. In most cases, the gifts are hats and shirts and a lot of times joke prizes will be given to teams that do poorly. Humorous golf tournament gifts are a great way to lighten the mood of players who didn’t so well and to ensure everyone had a good time playing.

Pro Tournaments: The Million Dollar Gift
Pro golf tournament gifts tend to be extravagant. Some of the prizes can be upwards of a million dollars. Gifts for pros can vary depending on the sponsors of the tournament and the player’s personal sponsors. Sometimes players can receive fancy gifts such as  new car, a new set of clubs, and vacations just for playing the game.

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Golf Tournament Gifts