Engraved Golf Tournament Gifts

If you want to show appreciation of attendees at an event—whether they’re employees, donors, avid golfers, or enthusiastic amateurs—give them golf tournament gifts. The most memorable gifts are personalized for the recipient. Personalized gifts are always meaningful—especially when they’re also practical and useful. One of the most elegant ways to personalize your golf tournament gifts is through engraving.

Engraving is the art of notching a design onto a hard and flat surface by cutting into it. Silver, gold, stainless steel, lacquer, glass, and other precious metals are the most common surfaces for engravings. If the object is oddly-shaped or doesn’t have a completely flat surface, you can cut out a plate, add an engraving, and adhere that to the surface of the object.

An engraving can consist of an intricate design, a name and date, accolades, a logo, or a personal message. Objects can be engraved by hand or with a computerized machine that either cuts directly into the surface or, if the surface is delicate like glass, uses a series of lasers to do the engraving. Many gifts are laser engraved because this type of engraving is much smoother than others and it produces a shallow cut that decreases the chance for cleavage, chipping, and cracking.

Engraved golf tournament gifts are desirable and classy. The most popular golf tournament gifts to engrave are plaques, clocks, watches, and desk accessories such as pens, nameplates, and business card holders. No matter how your event’s gifts are engraved, they’re sure to become treasured keepsakes.

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Golf Tournament Gifts