Golf Tournament Gifts: Golf Watches

Golf watches make the perfect golf tournament gifts. They are priced economically starting at around $20 each and running into the hundreds of dollars for high end watches. This makes them appropriate as gifts for all entrants, and as gifts for tournament winners. Golf watches can be imprinted and personalized, and they come in many different styles. But all golf watches have one common trait. They are not worn on the wrist. These small clocks are connected to a clip-on latch which is attached to a belt loop or golf bag.

Different types of golf watches have various optional features such as built in pen light, magnifying glass, or divot repair tool. They can be accompanied by a leather or plastic fob which can be imprinted. Some golf watches have case covers which can be shaped like a golf ball, or imprinted with the tournament logo. Golf watches can double as a tee holder or money clip.

When it comes to golf watches, you will find no shortage of styles. Some are more appropriate for tournament gifts intended for all entrants. These include the basic stainless steel sports style or the carabineer style which has a large smooth surface suitable for a laser etched logo. For higher end tournament gifts, you can choose golf watches that are decorated with diamonds and delivered in a luxury case. You will also find many styles in the mid price range for both men and women.

Golf watches are the perfect golf tournament gifts if you want a gift that is useful and more personal than golf balls. These are gifts every golfer can use even if they already own a golf watch. Since these are not worn on the arm they can be attached anywhere that is convenient for the golfer.

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Golf Tournament Gifts